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Design and development of the world's first prototype for the real-time simulation of a snow groomer

The project led by EBITmax srl and other important industrial and scientific partners concerns the development of a prototype of a professional simulator for snow groomers. 

The prototype was verified internally and tested on different hardware configurations, showing scalability and real-time performance. The scientific partner indicated the need to introduce further developments for a more realistic snow simulation. The final evaluation of the prototype by the ski resort experts confirmed the realism of the non-real-time simulation, but expressed reservations about the real-time simulator and snow visualisation and indicated priorities for improvement.

Real-time snow behaviour simulation

The project produced a scalable real-time snow simulator, an integrated visualisation and control system, and defined the necessary developments to improve the realism of the simulator. The experience gained and contacts developed during the project paved the way for new opportunities in related fields, such as medical simulation of soft bodies and cloud computing and visual HPC solutions.

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