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Revolutionizing industries through cutting-edge technology and human-centric design!

At EBITmax, we pioneer future technology solutions with a human-centric approach, focusing on innovation. Our expertise lies in real-time simulation via virtual reality and generative artificial intelligence, revolutionizing industries. Our immersive VR experiences boost efficiency in construction, healthcare, and training, empowering users. What sets us apart is our dedication to integrating AI while prioritizing human interaction. Our solutions enhance decision-making, yet always prioritize human capabilities and collaboration. Join us in reshaping technology's role in human interaction, forging a future where innovation serves and empowers every individual.  

When technology meets human intelligence

When technology meets human intelligence, innovation flourishes, unlocking boundless possibilities for progress and problem-solving.

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Virtual Reality 

Real-time simulation using virtual reality involves creating dynamic, interactive environments that replicate real-world scenarios with instant responsiveness to user actions, providing immersive training or experiential learning.

Artificial Intelligence 

We are renowned for our specialization in generative artificial intelligence, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to create dynamic and adaptive solutions that drive innovation across various industries.


EBITmax extends its expertise into research and development, collaborating with world-renowned institutions to pioneer groundbreaking advancements in technology and drive forward the frontiers of innovation.

Some of our partners and customers

When profesionalism and knowledge make a team!


Architecture & Construction

EBITmax excels in leveraging real-time simulation through virtual reality and harnessing the power of artificial intelligence tailored specifically for the architecture and construction industries.  


EBITmax is dedicated to implementing cutting-edge real-time simulation technology using virtual reality and artificial intelligence tailored specifically for healthcare and surgical applications.  


EBITmax specializes in deploying real-time simulation through virtual reality alongside artificial intelligence solutions tailored for the realm of business consulting, offering innovative approaches to problem-solving and decision-making.  

Elevating Innovation from the Heart of NOI Techpark Bolzano

Located in the vibrant city of Bolzano, NOI Techpark stands as a beacon of innovation, fostering collaboration and breakthroughs across diverse technological domains. Anchored in the heart of South Tyrol, it propels businesses and research institutions towards a future of excellence and sustainability